Cerve Group

The Cerve Group is a world leader in the production, decoration and marketing of glass. Several companies within the Cerve galaxy, but always with glass in their DNA and a single vision: continuous product innovation while respecting our collaborators and environmental sustainability.

Beauty and performance have never been so transparent. Technoglas is the glass factory of the Group, produces pressed glass known for its quality and strength.

Thanks to several exclusive technologies, it is able to satisfy a wide range of productions: from tableware to automotive, from technical to perfumery/cosmetics.

Based in Voitsberg, Austria, it is an example of a green company: the raw material is infinitely recyclable and the ovens are powered by renewable energy.

Since 1986 Tecno5 has been designing, manufacturing and installing a wide range of machines specialized in high-precision screen printing on all types of glass containers: from the classic table glass to the most sophisticated bottles for spirits and cosmetics.

We work for customer satisfaction: a source of pride is the high reputation for the quality of the technical service. Continuous research and use of the most advanced technologies blend with the engineering know-how of highly qualified personnel.

From 2021 VIDIVI joins the Cerve Group: an important step in expanding the offer in the premium glass tableware sector.

Vidivi Vetri delle Venezie, is an Italian company renowned throughout the world for the design and quality of its products.

The range of items satisfies the most demanding customers but is also perfect for the professional world: our high-quality pressed glass stands out for its purity, resistance and brilliance.

Environmental sustainability: strictly lead-free, VIDIVI products are all 100% recyclable.