Cerve: sostantivo femminile!

Not just March 8. 

The Cerve Group’s responsibility in favor of its employees and in support of the value of diversity in the company goes well beyond the anniversaries of the calendar; It is a constant, concrete and contractually sanctioned commitment.
We talked about this with Giovanni Bormioli, president of the Cerve Group, world leader in the field of decoration on glass. The company was founded in 1953, and is part of a reference group in the sector that today also includes a glassworks and a glass manufacturer, in addition important brands such as VIDIVI Vetri delle Venezie.
An industrial excellence of the territory with 4 million pieces processed per day, 6 factories, more than 80 lines of decoration and production and which employs more than 600 employees.

“Our employees are mostly women,” explains Giovanni Bormioli. The “pink quota” in Cerve exceeds 80% of workers, both in production and in the offices. This is a prevalence that has always characterized our human resources. If we have grown, we must also thank the contribution and professionalism of our female collaborators.
We want them to find a working environment that is respectful and close to their needs, capable of encouraging and stimulating the growth of all employees, without any distinction, first and foremost of gender”.

A commitment that the company, together with the unions, has put down in black and white in the integration to the national collective agreement, signed at the end of November. An agreement for the next three years that contains concrete measures much appreciated by the female workers in the company.

We are proud to have signed an agreement with many innovative elements and that express well our values. Standards to protect everyone, men and women, but particularly appreciated by our female employees. 
For example, we have introduced concrete measures against harassment or violence in the workplace, further expanding protections for workers who are subjected to it. – The President continues – We have introduced contractual aspects that encourage the reconciliation of home and work needs, structurally providing for smart-working among employees and more flexible entry and exit times from work for production departments.
We wanted to make concrete our commitment to gender inclusion and equality.”

There are still too few women in leadership roles. It is essential to promote a culture in the company that stimulates personal growth. We invest in training and we are very happy when we can do this on our internal staff and our employees.
The new female technicians have demonstrated a very high level of training and preparation. Above all, they provide an example, motivation and prospects to their colleagues, constituting real models of successful empowerment in the company”.

Once again – in addition to declarations of intent – concrete actions, stories of colleagues with name and and function to promote a climate that increases self-esteem, self-determination and leads women to develop and fulfill their potential.

“We are proud of the sense of belonging that we breathe in the company, of the very low turnover among the employees, in all areas, of the open and collaborative dialogue with the unions. We trust in our team, in people and in the great skills of women.
It is no coincidence that Cerve is a name that sounds feminine – born from the fusion of the words CERamics and VEtro – and that owes a great deal to the professionalism of our employees”.